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Domestic Violence

Esker House’s ” Based on True Events”. A fictional story based on true accounts given by several women who have experienced domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence refers to the use of physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, verbal and/or economic abuse, including the threat of violence as well as the use of violence in an intimate relationship, which may affect the children of the family as well as their mother.

In the majority of incidences of violence or sexual assault against women, the attacker is known to the woman and is likely to have or have had an intimate relationship with her. Such violence can occur in all social classes and is equally prevalent in both rural and urban Ireland.

Multi-Agency Working

MOVE groups work in partnership with other local statutory and voluntary services, which make up their local referral network. Many services participate in their local multi-agency MOVE management committee.

An example of services represented on management committees, referring to MOVE, and/or the primary agencies of volunteers are:

The Probation Service; Court Services; HSE Services; (social work, community care, primary care, A&E, child protection, childcare, family support, mental health, occupational therapists, traveller health unit, community development, CWO’s etc); Women’s Refuges and Support Services; Youth Services; Rape Crisis Centres; Barnardos; Accord; Traveller Training Centres; Counsellors; Psychologists; Homeless agencies; Prison Services; Legal Aid/Solicitors; Community Services; An Garda Siochana; Education and Adult Education; Armed Forces; Citizens Information Centres; Other statutory and Voluntary agencies.

Click on the link below to download in PDF format:
Report on the Task Force of Violence Against Women (1997)