We know how difficult it can be to make that first contact with us. We are sensitive to what you may be going through so please do get in touch. It may change the rest of your life.

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Goals of MOVE Programme

Goals for Group Members

dionne-family-values-hypocrisy300We work with men to develop skills and insight that will enable them to change their behaviour so that their lives and the lives of those they love can be free from the tyranny of violence and abuse.  It is up to every group member to decide what they want to gain from MOVE, therefore some members may choose not to apply these goals to their lives. Some group members will have a strong desire not only to understand these goals, but also to find ways to apply them in their own lives.


  • Immediately stop physical abuse and intimidation
  • Gain recognition of how you have been harmful towards your partner and family
  • Understand the harm this behaviour has caused
  • Develop an understanding of how you can benefit from changing your behaviour now
  • Work to be open and honest with group leaders and fellow group members
  • Be able to self track moods and identify patterns of behaviours that are harmful to yourself or to others
  • Examine what you need to do to become respectful and non-abusive
  • Participate during group discussions
  • Give feedback to fellow group members
  • Work to develop empathy for your partner and make amends for harm you’ve caused.

Goals for Partners

  • Increase the physical safety and emotional and psychological well-being of women whose partners (/ex) have been referred to a perpetrator programme
  • To increase the safety of any children involved
  • To promote realistic expectations with women regarding their partner’s attendance on a programme and ensure that the service offered to men does not put women and children at further risk
  • To increase women’s empowerment

To give women opportunities to develop insight and understanding about domestic violence and not just focus on men’s progress on the perpetrator programme.