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What is harmful behaviour?

In general, harmful behaviour constitutes any action which causes pain or harm in someone else. There is an infinite amount of actions which have the potential to cause pain or harm, and many of those actions are not necessarily intentional. If you have used these behaviours on the following list towards your partner, you are engaging in acts of Domestic Violence.

  • Have you ever hit, pushed, grabbed, threatened, frightened or intimidated your partner?
  • Is your partner afraid of you?
  • Are you concerned that your behaviour is harming your relationship?
  • Have you ever punched a wall, banged a table, or broken something during a disagreement?
  • Have you ever grabbed your partner during a disagreement, attempted to stop her/him from leaving, locked her/him out, or restrained her/him in any way?
  • Do you pressure your partner to do things your way, even when you know your partner doesn’t want to?
  • Has your partner ever said ‘you’re always trying to control me’?
  • Do you use names, put-downs or swearing to control your partner?
  • Do you put the blame onto your partner for things you are responsible for?
  • Have you found yourself ‘keeping score’ of the wrongs your partner has done to you in order to hold those things against her/him?
  • Have you ever blamed your abusive actions on alcohol, other drugs, stress or family problems?
  • When you do something that hurts your partner, do you just say “I’m sorry” and then expect acceptance of your apology without making any change in how you were hurtful?

MOVE provides awareness of the issue of Domestic Violence to reinforce the concept that violent behaviour is unacceptable, and works with a network of other relevant statutory and voluntary agencies as part of a coordinated community response to end violence against women. MOVE believes that violence is a learned behaviour which can be unlearned.

Men attending MOVE will experience a respectful, person centred environment, which is conducive to change. MOVE will ensure their conditions of confidentiality are communicated to clients, women partners and referring agents.