We know how difficult it can be to make that first contact with us. We are sensitive to what you may be going through so please do get in touch. It may change the rest of your life.

Move Ireland National Office
Unit 2, First Floor Clare Road Business Mall
Clare Road
Ennis, Co. Clare
Tel: 065 684 8689
Fax: 065 684 3010
Email: move@moveireland.ie



How does the MOVE Programme work? – MOVE Programme

We use a structured group work programme emphasising that violence is a culturally accepted learned behaviour. We challenge men’s attitudes and beliefs and provide them with the skills so that they can choose to act differently and make decisions without resorting to abuse. Groups are arranged in modules on particular themes which can help men address certain issues such as ;

  • Learning that violent behaviour is a choice.
  • Learn about the effects and consequences of domestic abuse on your partner and family.
  • Talk openly about the behaviour you have engaged with in the past and the people affected by it.
  • Identify and learn how to cope with feeling and behaviours in difficult situations
  • Learn how to react without being abusive.
  • Learn about respect and take reasonability for actions
  • Desire to want to change their behaviour.