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MOVE, Men Overcoming Violence, is a structured group work programme for men who are or have been violent in an intimate relationship. The programmes are designed to help the participants take responsibility for their violence and to choose to behave differently in the future.

The primary aim of MOVE is to ensure  the SAFETY OF PARTNERS AND CHILDREN  when working with men who are violent. Therefore MOVE believes that domestic violence and abuse are never acceptable.

The MOVE programme is based on the idea that violence is a learned behaviour and is both central to the belief system of the individual perpetrating the violence and firmly rooted within our culture. The materials used in the groups challenge these individually and culturally held beliefs. The participants are given help in making different choices when they are in situations in which they would previously have seen violence as a solution for them. Emphasis is on challenging men’s attitudes and beliefs and choosing to act differently

Men on MOVE programmes must take personal responsibility for their violence and abuse in order to change. This is done through looking carefully at what happens before and after these violent incidents and the emotions and behaviours that lead up to violence. The participants are helped to understand these and given techniques to help them slow down, think about what they are doing and make different choices. Key skills such as self tracking, patterns of behaviours that are harmful to themselves or to others, improving communication and various skills men need to develop in order to live non-violently.

Each group is run by two professional facilitators who are skilled in running groups and experienced in working in the area of domestic violence.

All female partners/ex-partners of the men on the MOVE programmes are offered information, support and safety planning during and after their partners/ex-partners attendance on the programme