Partner Support Service

We offer support to current or ex partners of individuals who are on our programme which aims to address their abusive behaviour toward you.
He is required to provide your details in order for us to offer you the opportunity to avail of support. This service is free and is available to you whilst your partner/ex-partner is on the programme and 3 months after he has left the programme. You can ask for support at any stage during the programme.
Why do we offer a Partner Contact Support Service?
Partner Contact Support Service aims to increase your safety by;
  • listening to you and providing you with support while your current or ex-partner is on the programme;
  • Providing information to you about the programme to allow you to have an understanding about the topics that are being addressed and help you to have realistic expectations from the programme.
In addition, your engagement can contribute to the assessment of your partner/ ex partner’s progress on the programme.
Proactive Partner Contact Support Service
Our designated women’s support service will set up a plan of structured/ regular support to suit your needs with emergency contacts agreed should safety needs arise. This can be provided by telephone and/or face to face support depending on your needs.
Is it confidential?
Your current or ex-partner will not be told any information about your contact with the partner support service. The only way your partner will know about the support you are receiving is if you choose to tell him.
Information about CHOICES programme
While you receive your support, your current or ex-partner will be attending the CHOICES programme consisting of 23 weekly group sessions as well as a number of individual one to one sessions helping him to address his abusive behaviours. He will be required to attend all sessions and fully participate. This will require him to talk about his behaviour honestly and openly. He will be given the opportunity to learn about the impact of his behaviour on you and your children (if any). The programme will attempt to help him to develop healthy coping skills and encourage change in thinking and behaving towards women and children
I’m not sure I want to get involved?
You do not have to. The partner’s contact service is voluntary and whether you accept the service or not does not affect your partner or ex-partner’s suitability assessment outcome. However the partner’s service is highly recommended in order to make sure that the programme is run as safely as possible and with the maximum possible chance of supporting you.
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During the Covid 19 pandemic, MOVE Ireland will continue to work with men who are worried about their behaviour to their partner or ex partner.
We have suspended all face to face support but will continue to take new referrals and offer phone and on-line support to men and their (ex)partners.
If you are worried about your behaviour please contact any of the phone numbers in the contact us page.