Statements from women

“I cannot put in words how much safer I feel having my husband part of the Move programme. I feel that someone else is keeping an eye on him and safer for it. When my husband’s behaviour was escalating, it is great to be able to tell my Move contact. Someone who understood what I was going through who did not judge me and gently encouraged me to get where I am now. Feeling completely supported over the phone and in person when I needed it, especially in some emergency situations. Having someone to go to and ask questions when I needed answers”.

“My relationship with my husband has completely changed. He had left the house 3 months before I met my Move support. Before I met her, I was trying to manage everything myself, wondering if I had done the right thing, not knowing what “acceptable” behaviour was required of me by my husband. As a victim of Domestic Violence, your perception and gut instincts have been warped. You are never sure if you are doing the right thing, and are so conditioned and convinced that you are never doing the right thing”.

“My Support contact helped me find my gut instincts and follow them again. So my relationship is in a much better place for me. My husband’s behaviour does not affect me as much, I am seeing it’s his behaviour, and only he can choose to change it. There is nothing I can do or not do to stop him getting violent. I have learned to be strong enough to not get drawn into his verbal battles. I have gotten to a place that its email contact only now between us. This is a huge relief for me and I have much more energy for me and my kids without the barrage of his texts and calls. “

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