What you can expect if you want to join a group

Firstly you will be treated without judgement and with respect.

You can contact us at any of the numbers on the contact page and an appointment will be made for an initial assessment. If you would prefer, you can fill out a referral form here.

Our programme is provided free of charge.

Currently groups are run in the following areas;

  • Athlone
  • Cork
  • Dublin
    ( Swords, Tallaght and City Central)
  • Galway
  • Kerry
  • Limerick/ Clare
  • Meath
  • North Tipperary
  • Sligo

The assessment process usually takes place over two or three sessions and this will look at whether you are suitable for joining the programme. It is essential that you accept responsibility for your behaviour and demonstrate a real desire for change.

This is the first step towards changing your behaviour. If you are in denial about your behaviour, or justify it, or blame your partner, then you will not progress to the next stages of the programme.

The preparation for group includes writing or learning off an opening statement to introduce yourself to the other members and tell them why you are on the programme.

The group programme lasts 23 weeks and individual sessions are also offered alongside the group programme. Sessions usually take place in the evening and there are natural breaks to the sessions for holiday periods.

In busy areas, the programme is delivered on a rolling basis which means that you will not have to wait very long until you can join a group if you are suitable and if there is a space. In some areas the start and finishing dates are fixed and you may have to wait for some time.

In this time, you will be prepared for group work and you are expected to start the process of change while you wait for the group to start. A facilitator will work with you during this time.

In areas where it is not possible to run a group programme, individual sessions may be offered.

You will be required to participate fully in the sessions and attend all sessions unless you have a valid reason as to why you are unable to attend a session. Failure to participate fully and honestly or repeated non-attendance will result in you being asked to leave the group.

You will be given the opportunity to learn about the impact of your behaviour on your partner and children.

The programme will help you to develop new ways of coping and change how you think and behave towards women and children. You will be required to examine your beliefs and attitudes where they seem to condone poor and disrespectful behaviour towards women.

You will be learning mindfulness to support “time out” and emotional regulation, new communication skills and CBT, which requires you to look at your thinking and where it is leading you.

Your current or ex-partner will also be offered support in her own right. If you are not willing to give us your partners contact details, we will be unable to offer you a place on one of our programmes.

Attending this programme is about you recognising that you have been abusive. Attendance does not guarantee your partner will choose to stay with you, or that you will gain additional access time with your children. If these are your motives, then this programme is not for you. This programme is for men who realise that they have hurt others and want to change their behaviour.


Is the service confidential?

Our service is confidential but there are limits to this if we are concerned about your safety or your risk to others including children. If a service has referred you to us, we may be required to share information with them. We will be clear with you what information remains confidential and what is not.

You will be required to sign an agreement detailing when and why we will share information. We may also require your consent to obtain information from other services.

Our facilitators receive ongoing professional practice supervision in this work. They are filmed during the group work for this purpose.

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