What is Domestic Violence?

At MOVE Ireland we view Domestic Violence as behaviour which repeatedly occurs in an intimate or family relationship which is profoundly negative, abusive and sometimes life threatening.

Behaviours can include physical violence, threatening behaviour, restricting access to money, transport and contact with friends and family. It may also include threats to children. Domestic Violence can also occur after the relationship has ended and may take the form of insulting texts and stalking activity.

Research has shown that Domestic Violence can have profound effects on a person’s physical and emotional health. The impact can remain long after the abusive behaviour has ended. Women react differently to such abusive behaviour. Some may leave the home and seek help in a woman’s refuge. Others may choose to remain in the home.

Women often report, that it wasn’t always the physical violence that was the worst. It was the more subtle forms of control. It was not having their own money, seeing their children or their pets being treated badly and having to restrict their lives in an attempt to live by their partner’s rules to keep them happy (Kelly and Westmarland, Project Mirabal, 2015)

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